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“The Center’s Rehabilitation Pattern Is Voluntary” Said The Minister Of Cooperatives, Labor And Social Welfare In The Opening Ceremony Of The Center For Treatment And Rehabilitation Of Mother And Child.

“The Center’s rehabilitation pattern is voluntary” said the minister of cooperatives, labor and social welfare in the opening ceremony of the Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Mother and child.

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With the help of Municipality of District 15, the first Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Mother and Child was opened in the presence of the minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, the vice-president for women and family affairs, the head of Welfare Organization.

According to the Public relations Office of the Rebirth Charity society, Ali Rabiei, the minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare said, “This Center has an accommodation capacity of 40 mothers and their children. They can stay in the Center from 1 to 6 months to receive the rehabilitation and drug withdrawal services.”

One million and one hundred tomans per capita for each consumer mother and her child

The minister emphasized the fact that this pattern must be repeated in Iran to support the injured and addicted women. Rabiei clearly stated, “The rehabilitation pattern in this Center is voluntary.  One million and one hundred tomans per capita is monthly predicted for each consumer mother and her child.

The minister then reminded the settlement of medical, counseling and rehabilitating teams at the Center. He added, “We need to gather knowledge in order to repeat this experience in other regions of Iran. Also, other socio-psychological and rehabilitative services should be provided for those who refer to centers to modify their behavioral patterns and lifestyles after they return to normal life.”

Rabiei put emphasis on the importance of empowering women beside their children. He continued, “Regarding the Welfare Organization’s plan which pays attention to the first 1000 days of all children’s lives, we believe that this Center can provide the most important days in which all children must accompany their injured or addicted mothers.”

Rabiei reminded that there were such centers in the past which helped addicted women. He also asserted, “Previously, there were centers which assisted pregnant women. However, this Center is the first one which aims at keeping injured women and their children together. We should attempt to model more centers after this Center in other parts of Iran.”

Rabiei pointed out that the scope of social harms involves different institutions. He continued, “The Law Enforcement Force, the Judicial System, and the Welfare Organization have already established a good interaction with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. We are trying to involve people and NGOs in this process, too.”

Social Tension and lack of psychological security: factors for tendency to addiction

Referring to the fact that, today, addiction is not defined only with relevance to poverty and inequality, Rabiei added, “One of the most important reasons why individuals tend to use drugs is the issue of social tensions, restlessness, and lack of psychological security. This can be seen in our community as well. The Call Center of Welfare Organization is currently providing services to those who cannot afford the fees of in-person counseling or are afraid of their information being divulged.”

The minister referred to the recent session of the Supreme Council of Insurance on addiction treatment. He stated, “According to a ratified protocol, a budget of approximately 70 billion tomans and a donation of 5 billion tomans from Welfare Organization will be spent on medication, treatment and counseling on addiction.”

In the end, Rabiei pointed out that financial donations are not the only type of help. He said, “I invite all experts with relevant education to provide supportive services such as doing social work or training the injured people and their children to reduce social harms.

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