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The Head Of ADNA Network Met The Afghan Minister Of Counter-Narcotics

The Head of ADNA Network Met the Afghan Minister of Counter-Narcotics

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Abbas Deylamizadeh, the head of the Asian Drug Demand Reduction NGO Association (ADNA) met the counter-narcotics minister of Afghanistan, and Dr. Peykan, the deputy minister of the health ministry of Afghanistan and the accompanying delegation.

The negotiation was conducted during the Afghan delegation’s visit to the first Medical and Residential Center for Women and Pregnant Women. In this meeting, the counter-narcotics minister of Afghanistan and the head of ADNA negotiated about a joint collaboration for training Afghan NGOs to reduce drug demand.

“There are good prospects for creating a joint collaboration between Iran and the neighboring country of Afghanistan through the ADNA Network to teach how to reduce demand to NGOs, said Deylamizadeh about the outcome of these talks.

The visit was organized by the International Unit of Counter-Narcotics Headquarters with the aim of Afghan delegation’s direct observation of Iran’s experience in the use of methadone maintenance treatments.

the issue of the increase in the use of industrial drugs in the region and the world

Moreover, the issue of the increase in the use of industrial drugs in the region and the world was discussed in the meeting.

According to Salamat Azimi, the use of industrial drugs, such as methamphetamine, is not currently prevalent in Afghanistan. However, there are certain concerns about the increase in the number of users of industrial drugs.

On the other hand, Deylamizadeh, warning about the probability of the prevalence of the use of methamphetamine in Afghanistan, said, “We need to be aware because the experience of other countries shows that such prevalence in Afghanistan is not far-fetched in the near future.

The Afghan counter-narcotics minister also expressed his satisfaction with the establishment of joint collaborations to reduce the demand for drugs. He spoke hopefully and wished that the visit to be a preliminary step for joint collaborations on drug addiction between the Afghan ministry and ADNA Network in Iran.


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