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The Center For Treatment And Rehabilitation Of Mother And Child Hosts The International Federation Of Social Workers (IFSW)

The Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Mother and child hosts the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW)

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According to the Public Relations Office of the Rebirth Charity Society, the Asia-Pacific Secretary General of IFSW and some of its members as well as some social workers from Europe and Asia visited the first Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Mother and Child at midday, today.

Sara Esmizadeh, the deputy head for women’s affairs at the Rebirth Charity Society described the activities of the Center regarding the importance of attention to treatment methods for female drug users. She said, “Women are the caretakers. They take care of children, the elderly, and all members of the family. The treatment processes of women, especially those which take a long time and need stay, constantly interfere with the responsibility of this Center.” Esmizadeh added, “The foundation of the first Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Mother and Child is an answer to this need, particularly for women who do not have suitable facilities for treatment.”

Rory Truell, the secretary-general of Asia-Pacific of IFSW asserted, “We know that there are no simple answers to help people using drugs. The philosophy of addiction treatment varies on the basis of different cultures.” Truell added, “One of the reasons why we are satisfied with Iran’s membership in this Federation is that we can benefit from Iran’s knowledge and experience.”

This meeting was held when the visitors were in Tehran to participate in the International Congress on Sixty Years of Social Work in Iran. The Congress was held with the held in the presence of social workers from all over the world on 18 and 19 December, 2017.

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